Brain Balancing

Having a balanced brain means that your entire body is functioning properly together. When the two halfs of your brain are not communicating together properly this can create major problems, but when they do work well together you can reach a higher level of health.

The Left Brain 

The left brain is all about logic, linear thinking, numbers/mathematics, spoken language, detail, factually driven, reality based, and enjoy talking about the past. Left brain individuals will tend to be males and female athletes.

The Right Brain

The right brain is the creative side of the brain. The right brain loves art and music, and is very imaginative. It thrives off of nonverbal communication and feelings. It is driven by symbols, images, and fantasy. Right brain individuals will enjoy talking about the future. Right brain individuals will tend to be females and less active males. 

?Why Do I need to be Balanced
An unbalanced brain can be un-noticeable, vastly noticeable, or any combination inbetween. When the brain is allowed to maintain this unbalanced nature it can allow different conditions to arrise. These conditions can be as common as multiple ankle sprains, always managing to injure one side of the body, bumping into walls, or just feeling unsteady on your feet. 

More progressed symptoms can include vertigo, auto-immune conditions, behavioral conditions, learning disabilities, and many other vast conditions. Being balanced with your adjustment allows your brain to function more optimally. When the brain is balanced it is able to communicate with the rest of the body and is able to help your immune system stay stronger, which in the end keeps you healthier and happier.